Sunday 3 June 2018

Breaking My 'No New Eyeshadow Palettes' Ban

Back in the days of old-school blogging, my makeup dream was to create my own custom eyeshadow palette from MAC. Does anyone remember the hype over Woodwinked and All That Glitters eyeshadow? The drugstore didn’t really have eyeshadows that matched MAC quality.

Then came along the Urban Decay Naked palettes, they beat the quality of MAC shadows every time for me. They are highly pigmented and are easy to blend.

I have every Naked palette; however, they now lay gathering dust. So, if I love the quality so much why am I not using them? Every time I open a Naked palette I feel so uninspired, I've had them for so long.  I was actually thinking of getting rid of them, so I put myself on a bit of a palette buying ban to avoid more items gathering dust. I hadn’t bought an eyeshadow palette since the Urban Decay Naked Heat was released back in August 2017.

The ABH Soft Glam palette has been the only item I wanted to break my ban for since last year! One of my blogger faves, Lily from Pint Sized Beauty, raved about this palette. From online swatches, the colours looked so pigmented and buttery. Most importantly I feel the colours work in harmony so I can create a look without reaching for substitutes.

ABH Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

I ripped open the package when it arrived, and it didn’t disappoint. It looked just as beautiful in real life as it did on online. I’m not 100% sure on the velvet style packaging but I’ll try and keep it as neat as possible. I can’t wait to create some new looks, it’s really inspired me to start experimenting with makeup again!
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Have you tried this palette?

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