Sunday 4 March 2018

Armani Luminous Silk Versus YSL All Hours Foundation - Comparison and Review

I can’t believe I hadn’t tried a YSL foundation until now! I’d heard Suzie from Hello October raving about their new All Hours Foundation, and it had been compared to Armani’s Luminous Silk so I picked up a bottle while in World Duty-Free.

I’ve used Armani Luminous Silk for a number of years and repurchased it time and time again so I pitted YSL’s new launch against it so I could give you a full comparison.

Armani Luminous Silk Shade 2 Compared to YSL All Hours Foundation B 10 - Comparison and Review


I have the little shade in Luminous Silk which is shade 2, it’s a little too dark for me, for reference I’m NW15 in MAC. It does come in 24 shades, but as they are just numbered it’s hard to tell undertones online, I would recommend being shade matched in store if you haven’t used any Armani foundations before.

I picked up the lightest shade in the YSL All Hours foundation which is named B10 Porcelain, this is a better shade match than the Armani base. I'd say Armani's shade 2 is probably equivalent to YSL B20. Again, the numbers on the YSL foundations can be confusing but at least they have corresponding names which hint at the shade of foundation.

Both foundations come in glass bottles so not great for travelling but on the plus side, they do have a pump each!


Armani’s Luminous Silk offers more of a glowier finish, but this does make it a little sheerer than the YSL All Hours. This also means that if you have an oily T-zone oil tends to creep through sooner than the YSL base, but it is easy to blot down.

The YSL All Hours Foundation has a heavier coverage than the Luminous Silk, this will work in your favour if you have acne or pigmentation you’d like to cover. It’s not a flat matte like most long lasting foundations, it does have a subtle glow to it. It does last longer on the skin than LS but isn’t as hardcore as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear.

Both Luminous Silk and All Hours slightly oxidise on me, as I have oily/combination skin so be aware of this when you choose a shade.


I was expecting at the end of this comparison to have decided on a winner but I can honestly say I love them both! They do have similarities but I think they have enough difference in the formula to justify having both in your collection.

 I'd reach for each one for different reasons. If my skin is looking quite clear, I'd opt for Armani's Luminous Silk, as I wouldn't need as heavier of a coverage and I might enjoy a bit of a glow if I wasn't too oily in my T-zone. If I was having a bad skin day, I would opt for YSL's All Hours as it's heavier coverage covers a multitude of sins and it is more long lasting on the skin.

I'd love to know which one you prefer?



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