Sunday 7 January 2018

How I Am Looking After My Skin In 2018

2017 was the year my skin changed. For those who don’t know, I started my second course of Roaccutane for my serve acne at the end of 2016 and it carried through to the beginning of last year. Part of the treatment and side effects is extreme drying of the skin to stop the skin producing excess oil creating more spots.

Previously, I’d be so used to having oily, acne prone skin so I have hundreds of lotions and potions geared towards these skincare concerns. After my treatment finished the dryness lessened but I now have combination skin with drier patches around my nose and occasional spots on my chin and cheeks. The imbalance is a little harder to treat and keep healthy. So I’m adapting my routines to keep my skin happy in 2018.

Skincare tips for 2018

Don’t Miss Steps
When I’m feeling lazy, I will just cleanse and then moisturise but serums, oils and treatments are a big part of a skincare routine. They help your other skincare to work more effectively so can’t be forgotten.

Gut Health
Gut health isn't really something people think about when discussing skin but it has a big impact. I recently had a York Food intolerance test done after experiencing digestive issues. It was a simple process, a box is sent to you which contains the instruments to do the test. All you need to do is prick your finger and catch the blood on a test paper, then wrap it all back up and sent the box back to the York Test labs. A few days later you'll receive a letter which shows the foods you are intolerant too. This is followed up with a call from a specialist who can help you find alternatives. Wheat was one of the biggest intolerances I had, after confirming this I pieced things together. When my skin has spotty I'd been eating lots of heavy carbs, and it had also flared up eczema on my hands. I'm slowly opting for more wheat-free meals and I hope to see a difference in my skin soon.

Extra Nutrients
Part of cutting down on heavy carbs is including healthier options, I'll be adding more fruit and vegetables to my diet. To ensure that my skin has all the nutrients it needs to function and repair, I’m also taking multi-vitamins. Emma from ‘Lolita Says So’ has a comprehensive guide to supplements for the skin.

I’ve been lucky enough to try out a few facial treatments from the likes of Jurlique, Elemis and Clarins. They press reset button on my skin, I leave feeling glowy and more positive about the look of my skin. I used to think that facial treatments were a luxury but I’ve decided that my skin is worth the investment so I’ll be treating myself to one every few months.

I’d love to hear your skincare tips or any new products you are trying in January!

*York Test was provided to review, but all opinions are my own.



  1. I am definitely aiming to get my skincare game together this year. Last year inconsistency was my biggest problem with skincare. When I wore makeup i had a morning and night routine (of course always taking off my makeup) but on my non makeup days I was completely lazy with skincare and that spiralled into me feeling too guilty to wear makeup often. I know not every day will be good but i am taking iniative to be more consistant with skincare.

  2. I said that 2017 would be the year that I upped my skincare game.. I didn't fail, but let's just say that I didn't exactly reach that goal either! I have new additions to my skincare routine, but I just need to remember that it's important to have a skincare routine every evening. Fab post :) xo

    Char |

  3. I had sever acne and I know what a struggle it is. Its been about two years since I finished my Roaccutaine treatment and I'm starting to have occasional breakouts. Not as bad as I had before but Im really scared it might come back.

    Vanessa x |

  4. I've been religiously sticking to a skincare routine so far in 2018, which was always something I was very lazy with before this year. I've definitely noticed an improvement!


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