Sunday 14 June 2015

L'Oreal True Match vs Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation - Comparison and Review

Both of the foundations I want to talk about have been highly recommended throughout the blogging community.
True Match and Infallible 24 Hour Matte foundations are both by L'Oreal, very similar in price but different in formulation. I'll be comparing the two and making pros and cons on the formulas based on how it reacts with my oily, acne prone skin. Of course, if you have dry skin these foundations may act differently, so bear that in mind. I'm also an NW10 in MAC and Ivory in Revlon Colour Stay for your reference.
Colour Range
Drugstore foundations are notorious for having shoddy colour ranges, neither catering for pale or dark skins. I wouldn't say L'Oreal have the worst range, but it's not ideal for everyone.
True Match has Cool, Warm and Neutral version of each colour. This could be a little daunting when making a selection though. I went for a neutral shade as I didn't want to be too pink or yellow, it was just a save bet.
As for Infallible 24 Hour Matte, the shade range is quite bad. The lightest shade is probably about an NW/C 15, which is too dark for me. I do work my magic on it and blend well and bronze my neck to make it less obvious. They don't have Cool, Warm or Neutral in this range but they do have a version for drier skin.

Winner: True Match

True Match and Infallible have a completely different coverage and are aimed at different concerns. True Match's aim is to colour match and provide light to medium coverage, but Infallible is aimed at creating a matte base but without the cakiness.
Infallible has a medium coverage, I normally apply one layer and then a second on my problem areas, then a touch of concealer to finish. With True Match, I feel the layers are thinner, as it does have more of a watery consistency. I'll choose this foundation when I want a lighter finish, say if I'm just popping to the shops for a few hours or visiting a friend.

Winner: Infallible

I compare every foundation to Estee Lauder's Double Wear, the Holy Grail of foundations for oily skinned girls. Of course, these high street foundations aren't as intense as they are targeting the wider market, but I still like to test how they fare on my oily skin.
True Match is a lighter foundation anyway, so of course it doesn't hold up as long. I use a good primer and powder and I'm still oily by lunch time with this foundation. I now reserve it for relaxed days, where the foundation doesn't have to battle with heat, sweat and air conditioning.
Infillable is a heavier coverage and has a longer matte look before you start to get oily. With this foundation I will only notice a patch of oil on my nose, where as with True Match, it's all of my T-zone.

Winner: Infallible

I prefer the Infallible packaging as it has a squeeze tube, I think it will be easier for me to use up all of the product. Where as True Match has a glass bottle, which means you have to shake the product out when it's running low. Travelling would be easier with the Infallible as True Match could smash.

Winner: Infallible

So it looks like the L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation is the winner. Of course, my skin is different to other people's so as a rule of thumb, I would say oily skins opt for Infallible and True Match is best for those with drier skin.

Have you tried these foundations? Which one is your favourite?

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  1. I picked up both but the closest shade in Infallible was un-wearable for me so i'll be sticking to True Match for now xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I agree the shades aren't great! I do have to bronze my neck to match.

  2. I've tried them both. I like infallible but it's not the right colour so have to mix it with others. I'm disapointed how dark the lightest is. Good post love comparison posts.

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

    1. I know, very disappointing! I think they need to expand the range.

  3. I love true match, I wasn't keen at first but it grew on me when I realised how natural it looked :)
    Thanks for this, I have actually been considering trying a new foundation but after reading this I agree with everything you say and am going to stick to my true match!!


    1. Yes True Match is a grower, I feel it's great for natural days. You don't really need both, which is why I did this post so you could choose :)

  4. Love true match! x

  5. Infallible is my absolute go-to foundation, I love it so much and Vanilla is the best skintone match I've found ever (even better than EL's Ecru, just!). It's probably not for everyone, but I adore it!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  6. I have oily skin?which one is best for me? A true match or infallible....

  7. Those foundations look wonderful.

  8. Infallible seems like a winner for me! Lovely post.

    Anika |


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