Monday 27 March 2017

What is an Instagram Pod? Should You Join One?

If you use social media for your blog, you will have heard plenty about the changes in algorithm on Instagram. Facebook bought Instagram and started making changes, now the photos don’t display in chronological order. Instead, they are displayed by what Instagram thinks you might like.

The algorithm is complex and takes lots of things into consideration to tailor the feed to each person. In simple terms, if you always like and comment on Missguided’s photos for example, chances are you will see their content at the top when you log in. The algorithm knows you are interested in that account, so will continue to display it to you.

Bloggers have commented that these changes are affecting their engagement stats. Their photos are being seen by less people, and therefore less likes are received.

I’d heard a few people talking about Instagram pods on Twitter and decided to join a few to see what they were like, people claimed they helped your stats. An Instagram pod is a group of bloggers who create a message trail in the Instagram inbox and promise to engage with one another.

Generally, the rules are you must follow everyone in the group and they will follow you back. Then you must comment and like everyone’s latest post when they send it to the group. Ideally, comments should be at least 4 words, apparently, this helps with the engagement algorithm. The idea is everyone comments and likes each other’s so you will see the benefit too.

I have found that joining a few pods has increased the number of likes and comments I get on each post, which is a positive. I have also gained followers as this is part of the rules of joining.
It hasn’t dramatically changed my numbers but it helps ensures that my content, which took time and effort, is being engaged with.

The downside to these groups is people can’t keep up with the posting. In some larger groups there are 10 or more photos you need to comment on in a day. If you are extremely busy all the time, it’s hard to manage. People also drop out of groups without saying anything or even unfollow you for no reason, but this does vary.

I’m currently in 7 groups and I manage to check a few times a day and give a quick comment and like to stay updated. 3 or 4 of the groups are very chatty and supportive, some are just for posting photos.
I do think they help with engagement on a small level, but I’ve also enjoyed finding new content from other bloggers in the groups who I wouldn’t normally have followed.

If you’d like to join a new group, please let me know and I’ll create a new one if enough people are interested.
Also, a cheeky Instagram plug, you can follow my Instagram here. 


  1. I would definitely be interested in joining a pod! xx

    Rhi |

  2. I'm just in one pod, would definitely love to join some more! I've followed your instagram - mine is hannah_briggs :) xx

    Hannah |

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