Wednesday 30 November 2016

Roaccutane - 2 Month Update

So month 2 of my Roaccutane treatment is over! My first month was on a dose of 30mg and last month I was bumped up to the full dose of 60mg. With this change, I have noticed an increase in my symptoms.

Roaccutane - 2 Month Update

In the first month it was mainly my face and hands that suffered with dry, itchy skin but in this last month the skin on my body has dried up too. I have patches of eczema on my back and arms. It’s manageable, I just have to apply cream every day to the affected area.

My lips have dried further and I have a terrible habit of biting my lips making them sore. I apply lip balm like it’s going out of fashion. I have one in my car, at my desk, in my room and one in my handbag.

I mentioned having terrible headaches in the first month of treatment but this symptom has stopped. However, in replacement, I have blurred vision. I went for an eye test believing my eye sight had become worse but the practitioner assured me that my eyes were very dry, which was the cause of the blurriness. I had already started using eye drops at the end of month 1 but now I use them a few times a day as I look at a computer screen for work.

Like the first month, I have only had 2 or 3 small spots and no cystic breakouts, which is amazing. I’m still using Cetaphil as my main moisturiser for my face, along with prescribed creams from the dermatologist. I have a thick cream for my lips which I apply overtime, plus a cream for the areas affected by eczema. 

I've found a few people on Twitter who are also on Roaccutane, so it's been nice to chat to others through the treatment. If you are thinking about going on the medication or have any questions, just tweet me @cherriesbeauty . You can see my other blog posts on Roaccutane here.

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