Sunday 9 October 2016

Skin Update and Product Switch Up

I am down two weeks into my course of Roaccutane and I've already started to see changes in my skin. The first thing I noticed was my lips drying out, then my t-zone started to feel tight after cleansing. 
I've already started adapting my skincare routine. I have stopped using acne fighting products and any exfoliating ingredients and swapped them about for simple skincare that combats dry skin.

My routine is now down to just three products after I cleanse, Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion, Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips, and Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream.

I would thoroughly recommend Cetaphil to anyone that suffers from dry skin, it doesn't contain any strong fragrances and it deeply nourishes the skin. It's been keeping flaky patches of skin in check.

I have noticed my eye area has become extremely dry, Origin's Eye Doctor is the only thing that seems to soothe them. I find my eyes are really dry and itchy so dotting some of this on soothes the skin instantly. 

The final step of my current routine is slapping on as much lip balm as possible. Roaccutane dries your lips out completely so Dr Lipps Nipple Balm for Lips has been a saviour. It's a very thick jelly consistency that creates a barrier from the cold weather and helps heal any cracks.

I'm currently trying out the Seven Sea Perfect 7 supplements, they aim to help with skin and nails, as well as energy and hormone activity, I'm enjoying taking them so far. You can find out more about the Perfect 7 on their website.

On my first month of Roaccutane I have been prescribed 30mg per day, this will be upped to a full dose of 60mg at the end of the month. So I'll keep you updated on side effects and the products I've been using.
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