Tuesday 5 July 2016

The Best Skincare with Pipettes

Pipettes aren’t that practical in my opinion. Whether you drop it directly onto your face or dispense drops into your palms, the product gets everywhere. I adore these 4 products so I’ll forgive them for the tiny inconvenience.

Starting with the serum, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Wear has been a firm favourite for a while now. It was my first ever serum purchase and confused by what it did, I just finished my skincare routine and didn’t follow up with an oil or moisturiser. I still used to work but now I notice a big difference in the plumpness and a reduction in redness when I use it combined with an oil, like it is intended to be. The light weight serum sinks into the skin in seconds ready for the next product. It seems to amp up the effectiveness of other products which are applied after, so it’s a great all-rounder.

I have recently declared my love for the Clarins Lotus Oil in a number of posts, including one which revealed Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and the Clarins Oil to be the skincare dream team. Combined the products leave my skin moisturised, plumped and calmed, plus it doesn’t break me out.
The Trilogy Rosehip Oil is loved by many and has a cult status with natural beauty bloggers. Rosehip has been restorative properties, which can aid the healing of scars, pigmentation and blemishes. I especially like to use this oil when I am trying to heal a spot, it just pop a thin layer over the area overnight. The area is visibly calmed and soothed.

The final skincare product in the line-up is the most potent, Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil has an advanced retinol complex. This bright blue oil is very watery in formula, which means that the colour is hardly noticeable when applied to the skin. I rely on this product to give my skin a kick when it’s looking dull and grey. It’s said to be good for fading acne scars but I don’t want to overdo it on this product as retinol can cause irritation to some people’s skins. I would recommend getting a sample before you splurge and see if your skin reacts.

What are your favourite products that come with a pipette? 


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  1. The Trilogy Rosehip Oil seems really good! I really want to find a not ridiculously expensive oil to help get rid of scaring... this is a great post for it!! :)



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