Thursday 7 April 2016

The Perfect Blending Brush Collection

Brushes do all the hard work for you, blending and buffing in products with minimal effort. I have MAC, Sigma and Real Techniques are already in my collection and these face and eyeshadow brushes from Crown, are new additions.

Crownbrush review Crown Brushes Face Contour Eyeshadow Blending Buffing

My latest obsession with brushes is blending, I want every edge to be smoothed and flawless, not just for eyeshadow but also for contour and face products. Introducing these brushes and their uses will hopefully help you create your own perfect buffing and blending set.

FACE - SS022 Jumbo Powder, C473 Pro Contour, C405 Contour Blush, C406 Large Duo Fibre Face

The hairs in the Jumbo Powder brush are soft but compact, meaning I can pick up powder easily from the pan and the softness helps it blend into my skin effortlessly. Can you tell I love this brush?

The Pro Contour is ideal for that defined contour for a night out. The flat edge packs the product onto the skin and you can use the Large Duo Fibre or Contour Blush to blend away any harsh lines. These brushes would also work wonderfully with cream contouring.

I particularly like the Duo Fibre brush for bronzer, it's fluffy bristles and loose shape help to dust the product onto the face without going overboard. One for those afraid of too much or too orange bronzer, it's hard to apply too much with this.

Crown Brushes Face Powder, Contour Cheel, Stippling Duo Fibre Review

EYES - SS027 Deluxe Blending Crease, C441 Pro Blending Crease, C420 Angle Shader,C433 Pro Blending Fluff, BK36 Angle Stippler 

If you are looking for some MAC brush dupes then snatch up the Pro Blending Fluff, a dupe for the 217 and Pro Blending Crease, a copy of the 224 and the Deluxe Blending Crease is similar to the 231. The quality of the brushes is good for the price, the only difference I can tell is the MAC ones are slightly more dense and the handles are stiffer.

The two angled brushes, Shader and Stippler have worked surprisingly well for blending concealer under the eyes and cream contour on the nose. The small brush heads and the angle work well in these curves of the face. They help blend the product into the skin until you look flawless.

Crown Brushes MAC Brush dupes 224, 217, Eyeshadow Blending Review

I have noticed a slight fall out of bristles but this normally happens until their first wash in my experience. Crown brushes are affordable so you can fill your stash or makeup kit up on a budget. Have you tried Crown brushes?
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  1. I love Crown brushes too - will definitely be picking up that MAC 217 dupe
    Tori x |

  2. I remebered loving Crown brushes a few years back but totally forgot to repurchase. I am in need of some new brushes and these seem to be really good!

    Great post, Have a great day! ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  3. I haven't tried them. I've wanted to but haven't heard anything about them. I will defo check them out now though. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. I haven't tried these but they look and sound so good! Thank you for sharing :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

  5. I love 217 and 239 from Mac so maybe I should give a change to Crown brushes. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Nora /

  6. These look like great brushes! I need to try them out!

    You have such a pretty blog! Would you maybe want to follow each other? Let me know by leaving a comment on my blog x

    Lina /

  7. I'm not a big fan of using brushes but now i really want to try these brushes! They sound amazing :) xx

  8. I've never tried Crown Brushes, I'm currently obsessed with my Zoeva ones but I'm always open for new brushes <3

    | |

  9. These eye one's look especially great! Need some more eye brushes and have debated crown brushes for a while.

    M xx

    The CSI Girls


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