Wednesday 3 February 2016

Selfridges Beauty Personal Shopper Experience

The beauty halls in department stores can often be overwhelming. Which brand is right for me? Will they give me a biased opinion? Many people stay clear of the counters for this reason, but fear not there is a new service which is making counter shopping more accessible.
Selfridges Manchester Trafford Beauty Personal Shopper Review
Des Davis, who currently resides at Selfridges in the Trafford Centre, is a make-up artist, a skincare specialist and fragrance expert all rolled into one. He's had 18 years experience in the beauty industry and has worked for some of the best brands on the market. He's the unbiased Beauty Personal Shopper offering a helping hand, which both men and women need when it comes to beauty and grooming.

My afternoon with Des began with an in-depth consultation. He likes to get to know his clients inside and out, I ran through some of my skincare and makeup concerns and detailed what I was looking for in this experience. I'm still yet to find my ideal foundation and primer combination, so I asked for formulas that would suit my oily skin. I also wanted an overview of Selfridges Beauty Hall which would benefit my readers whether they be male or female.

Des was a guide as we weaved in and out of the counters, stopping at each one to review and play with the latest releases. Knowing my need to find the perfect base, we chatted through the Dermalogica HydraBlur primer, Charlotte Tilbury skincare and foundations, Chanel's latest release, Les Beiges foundation and Creme De La Mer's finest offerings. He knew every product and spoke with such passion.

Selfridges Manchester Trafford Beauty Personal Shopper Review
Selfridges Manchester Trafford Beauty Personal Shopper Review
Selfridges Manchester Trafford Beauty Personal Shopper Review
Fragrance seemed to be Des' favourite sections of the beauty hall, as he believes scents evoke memories, which I completely agree with. Whether you need a bespoke layered combination or want to define your personality with a scent, Des has the insider knowledge to make picking a fragrance stress-free.
Selfridges Manchester Trafford Beauty Personal Shopper Review Fragrance
He has amazing stories and features to the products he pointed out, for example, Atkinsons Excelsior Bouquet Aftershave was created to celebrate the first transatlantic flight. It has that hot metal tinge mixed with leather, so unique and it stands out against the generic male's fragrance market.
Selfridges Manchester Trafford Beauty Personal Shopper Review Male Grooming

I have plenty of samples of foundations to try out, from Charlotte Tilbury to Chanel so expect a review on those soon. I've picked out some of the most interesting products from the consultation so you can have a look and shop them yourself.

I honestly can't recommend the Beauty Personal Shopper experience enough. Des helped decode the lotions and potions and gave excellent recommendations. Any age or sex, (let's not forget the ever expanding male grooming industry) can make an appointment and leave feeling confident in their new skincare or makeup routine.

To book a Beauty Personal Shopping appointment at Selfridges Trafford Call 07885 271884 or email

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  1. My friend and I have often wondered whether to do this, even as a 'beauty blogger' it would still be helpful to have someone even more 'in the know' to talk through things and make suggestions.

    Have you tried the Chanel Les Beiges foundation yet? I'm currently testing samples and I love it, it's definitely going on my to buy list.

    Victoria x


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