Sunday 24 January 2016

5 Concealer Face

Five concealers?! Yes, sometimes I will apply five concealers to my face to create a perfect base. Laura mentioned something similar on her blog and it got me thinking. Why do I need so many products?
Five Concealer Face - ReCover Concealer Review, L.A Girl Pro Conceal
 Each concealer has a different purpose, and to some this might seem a little crazy, people must think, ‘Why can’t you use the same one all over?!’ Generally, something that works on your dark circles is illuminating and you wouldn’t want to use the same for your blemishes, otherwise they would be gleaming beacons, hence the different concealers for different areas.

Conceal spots, redness and dark circles - Best concealers

I’ll start with my primer and foundation, Soap and Glory’s One Heck of a Blot primer and L’Oreal Matte Infallible foundation, then I will tackle my troublesome areas – under eyes, spots and redness (most of my face).

The Maybelline Instant Eye Eraser is great for concealing dark circles, it’s lovely and light and doesn’t crease. If I’ve had a bad night’s sleep I’ll layer the Collection Lasting Perfection or the L.A Girl Pro-Conceal concealer on top of this. Both have excellent, heavy coverage, I would say the L.A Girl is a little heavier and stickier but it's a God send when your eye bags are purplish.

Once my dark circles are concealed by the previous products, I may use the Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting concealer over the top to illuminate the under eyes. I sometimes use this on the bridge of my nose, down the centre and across the tops of my cheeks to add a Kim K highlighted effect.

I do have a little redness around my nose which can be concealed with the ReCover Correct and Conceal Red*. This particular formula is targeted for concealing red areas, perfect if you suffer rosacea.

The last step will be to hide those pesky spots. The L.A Girl or Collection concealers come to the rescue when I break out, as I mentioned, they have a great, high-coverage formula. Both are cheap as chips!

I'd love to try the Charlotte Tilbury and By Terry concealer offering, perhaps I'll purchase them when I've made my way through these.

As for tools, I use my Beauty Blender to most of the blending work and for any hard to reach places I'll use my Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer brush to buff the products into the skin. I'm always open to new suggestions of concealers and brushes, so leave your favourites in the comments.

What are your favourite concealers? How many do you use?

*This post contains PR samples


  1. I've saved this so that I can come back when I next go on a makeup hunt - i'm so bad at applying concealer, and always have such dark circles under my eyes!

    Steph -

  2. I use three concealers! All mostly for coverage though, Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer in stick and compact form and NYX HD concealer! I have the Maybelline eraser too but I just haven't tried it yet!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

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  4. Don't worry, I'm the same :') I think concealer is the longest part of my makeup routine! I really like the Maybelline one under my eyes and definitely want to get my hands on the Sephora concealer brush xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. Fab post lovely, I have to agree though some concealers do have a specific use. The Beauty Bender is amazing for applying concealer I just find it blends it so effortlessly into the skin and never looks cakey. I really need to try the Maybelline Eye Eraser as I love the sound of this :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  6. Made me laugh.. Why do we need so many? But you're absolutely right! I tend to stick to two concealers at the time. For coverage I use Collection or my Urban Decay concealers, and then some highlighting concealer if I need to add on that extra dimension. I don't get too much pimples (one good thing of having an uncomplicated dry skin - "uncomplicated" I should say) so I don't need much coverage around the face, just a bit of redness that needs to be hidden which again UD or Collection can easily deal with :) Great post x x

  7. I love these concealers! Great picks :)

  8. I love concealers so much! I haven't tried any of these actually but will give them a go soon! xo

    McKenzie |


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