Friday 21 August 2015

L.A.B2 Beauty 'I'm Turning Pro' Brush Kit Review - Affordable Brushes

Using the right make-up brushes can make a big difference to your make-up. No one wants a brush which sheds when you blend your foundation or eyeshadow, or even leaves streaks when buffing products in.

I'm fond of my Real Techniques brushes but I like to try new things and switch things up, so when these L.A.B2 Brushes arrived I tested them straight away (after I photographed them obvs, #bloggerproblems).

LAB2 I'm Turning Pro Brush Kit Review

I haven't used a buffing brush in a long time, my Beauty Blender Sponge is my 'go to' when I want a flawless base. I found this Buffing Brush really worked my foundation into the skin and didn't shed at all. I did pat my beauty blender over the top once I was done just to perfect things.

The Foundation Brush was also good quality but I'm not sure if this brush is needed in the set. This flat painter style brush isn't as popular as buffing brushes for foundation as they can leave streaks and they don't really work the product into the skin. However they are great for applying high coverage beauty products like concealer and thick foundation quickly to those areas of concern. Then you can use the Buffing Brush to smooth out the edges and lines.

LAB2 I'm Turning Pro Face Brush Kit Review

The Eyeshadow Brush can be used in two ways; a flat packing brush and a fluffy buffing brush. You can lay down areas of colour by using the flat sides and then switch to using the semi-circle shaped end to blend any harsh lines and smoke out colours. This brush would be great for travelling so you don't have to take two separate brushes for eyeshadow.

Finally, my favourite, the Contour Brush, it's amazing at blending powder bronzer and contour shades. It's angled brush fibres fit perfectly into the hollows of your cheeks. I've ditched my battered Sigma Contour Brush for this one!

I'm impressed with the quality of the L.A.B2 Beauty Brushes, they are on par with the Real Techniques versions. My only downside is the rubberised packaging, yes it does look chic but over time I think this will be grubby. Nothing you couldn't wash off though.

The 'I'm Turning Pro' Brush Set is available from Superdrug and is priced at £18.99, which I think is very reasonable. They also do single brushes if you just want to try one at a time.

*This post contains PR samples

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  1. These brushes look and sound great, I'm in need of a new contour brush, so I may give these a try. xx


  2. I am in desperate need of some new brushes, thank-you for posting this!
    Emily x

  3. I've seen some really positive reviews for these! Great post. I do think traditional foundation brushes aren't used as much now and I am a bit disappointed when they are included in a set. A small concealer brush would have been a great addition to this set!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls


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