Sunday 19 April 2015

Library of Fragrance Baby Powder and Thunderstorm Sprays & Fragrance Foundation Awards

I have featured Library of Fragrance sprays before on my blog, as I loved their unique Gingerbread scent, you can read my thoughts on that here but today I want to introduce two new favourites.

Baby Powder and Thunderstorm are unusual perfume scents compared to the normal floral or musky fragrances that seem to crowd the perfume market. It's these unusual fragrances like Thunderstorm, which make the Library of Fragrance stand out.

Baby Powder is a dream scent for me, I love powdery, clean scents, which is why Yankee Candles Soft Blanket is one of my favourite candles. The best way to describe the scent is clean sheets mixed with the scent of talcum powder.

Thunderstorms is a rather moody scent, which is so unique, it does actually smell like that tense moment before a storm starts. Its a masculine scent, but I like it's angsty undertones so I would still wear it, perfect unisex fragrance you could share with your partner.

These two scents are nominated for Boots' Fragrance Foundation Awards, so if you'd like to vote, you have until Wednesday the 22nd to select your fragrance favourites. By voting for your favourites you are automatically entered into a prize draw to win £250 worth of fragrance goodies from Boots.

Library of Fragrance scents are stocked on their website and at selected Boots stores/ Boots online, pricing starts at £15.

Have you cast your vote? Which Library of Fragrance scents do you like?

*This post contains PR samples

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  1. I loved the baby powder scent. Definitely some more I want to try too x

  2. Thunderstorm definitely sounds like my kind of scent - I'm not one for musky things. Definitely need to check this brand out! x Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  3. Liberty of Fragrance are so exciting, such an amazing idea behind all the perfumes! Baby powder sounds lovely!

  4. i really want to try some of these scents!

    from helen at

  5. I received these too and I love the baby powder scent - its one of my April faves x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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