Thursday 19 February 2015

Before You Buy

We've all had that moment when you feel like money is burning a hole in your pocket, you've planned a shopping trip and you are going to splash the cash. You flump down onto the bed when you get back, exhausted from shopping (it's my cardio), and look down at the mountain of bags. 'Did I really need that?' I ask myself.

My wardrobes and drawers are cramped with items that were bought on impulse and now I refuse to throw them out as most of them have the labels still on. I mean I will wear them one day right?!
I've thrown my money at the latest over hyped beauty products and they now sit unused and unloved.

Before You Buy, tips on avoiding impulse buying

I'm trying to learn by my expensive mistakes, I've put together a few helpful tips to stop you regretting your purchases like I have:

1. Use Blogs as a Research Tool

Being a blogger, I actively look at other blogs for recommendations. Try searching something like 'MAC Russian Red Lipstick Blogger Review', this will bring up any useful posts on the item, hopefully the blogger will have swatches too.

2. Use Google Images to get a True Representation

I like to see swatches and the products tested on a real person, using the lipstick shade as an example again, I would search 'MAC Russian Red Lip Swatch' or 'MAC Russian Red Pale Skin' to see what the lipstick would look like on a pale girl's skin. 

3. Make Up Alley Reviews

If you like your products to be rated in stars so it's easier to digest, Make Up Alley is the site for you. Readers will submit their opinions on the product in a similar way to an Amazon review, they can upload photos too. The clever thing about MUA is the filters, they are especially good when you want to see a review on a foundation. For me, I'd want to know how a foundation would act on my oily skin - you can choose your skin type, hair colour and eye colour to narrow down the results, such a handy tool.

4. Tweet Tweet

I like chatting to people about products and getting recommendations through Twitter. The best times to interact are during the #bbloggers and #fbloggers chats, tweet asking for links to posts on the product you want to buy. Once you've given the post a read, you can then communicate with the helpful blogger on how they use it or what the stay power is like for example, if your questions aren't answered in the blog post.

5. Samples

Samples are the perfect way to try out a product without splashing your cash. Don't get pulled in by the Sales Assistant, I use the line 'I want to try it out at home without the harsh shop lighting and I'll come back and purchase if it's okay'. You can also turn your sample tries into a new blog post!

6. Do I Really Need This?

After my little research project on the item, I often realise that the new product is very similar to something I already own. If they are similar, ask yourself what's different about this one? If you can name 5 things then it might be worth a purchase, but if not step away from the make-up counter.

7. Dupes

Another tip is searching something like 'MAC Russian Red Dupe' and see if there is a more affordable version on the high street. You'd be surprised how many brands take inspiration from high end companies or are under the same umbrella, for example Bourjois and Chanel are own by the same company.

I hope this post will help you to save your pennies and steer away from impulse purchases.

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  1. This year, I am definitley trying to cut back on spending unecessary money on makeup and skincare I do not need. These tips are great and really helpful :)

    Should try to use Makeupalley a bit more to read about products before purchasing!
    Have a great day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  2. I always look a reviews beforehand x

  3. Great post Kathryn. I often ask myself if I need something and most often than not, I don't. I have things sitting in my wardrobe that I haven't even worn yet because it was an impulse buy. I definitely do my research when it comes to makeup though. I have a weakness for foundation! Currently trying to use up what I've got.

  4. Exactly what I do. buy things then question myself whether I needed or not. haha! Thanks for the post, very helpful!


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