Sunday 12 October 2014

Autumn Make-up - Transitional Colours featuring. MAC, Topshop, Nails Inc & Max Factor

Autumn Make-up - Transitional Colours featuring. MAC, Topshop, Nails Inc & Max Factor
I've spent my week clearing out my wardrobe and make-up drawers. I started a new job as a Marketing Coordinator this week, so decided that it would be the ideal opportunity to de-clutter and have a fresh start for the Autumn season.
I refreshed my Muji drawers, binning anything that I hadn't used in the last month or two and bringing forward my favourite Autumn hues.
Purple, red and brown tones are always on trend for both fashion and make-up in the Autumn, here's my favourite transitional colours and products.
Autumn Make-up - Transitional Colours MAC
My favourite MAC eyeshadows for this time of year are Nocturnelle, which is a bright purple shade, Twinks, which is a beautiful mix of purple and brown and Club, which is duo-chrome shade that looks green in some lights and brown in others. I usually pair these shades with a lighter lid colour as I'm not overly adventurous with colour.

Autumn Make-up - Transitional Colours MAC, Topshop
Another eyeshadow pick is Topshop's Eye Crayon in Mystical. It's a lovely wearable brown shade. I've never tried the By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadows but I imagine that this Topshop stick is an affordable dupe.
MAC lipsticks have to feature in an Autumn make-up post. They have a wonderful range of darker hues, which give any make-up look an Autumnal feel. Two of my favourites are Girl About Town, which is a pinky purple, I love how vibrant it is and the second is Russian Red, which is perfect for a pin-up pout.
Autumn Make-up - Transitional Colours MAC, Topshop
We can't forget nails! I tend to paint my nails more in the winter, I enjoy reds and purples much more than bright corals and pinks, which feature on most blogs during the summer months.
My favourite shades for Autumn are Max Factor's Fantasy Fire, Nails Inc's Saville Row and Seche's Rogue.
Fantasy Fire is a unique duo-chrome shade, which like it's name suggests has a fiery amber shade, which runs through the purple base. This does take a few coats to become opaque but it's so worth the effort.
I believe I picked up the Nails Inc shade when it was a magazine freebie. I love the quality of the Nails Inc polishes and this purple hue is always on my nails in the Autumn.
If you love the original Seche top coat, you'll love this rogue shade. It has a high gloss finish and teamed with the brand's top coat, it last forever.

Autumn Make-up - Transitional Colours Nails
I'm very much looking forward to Autumn, it's my favourite time of year, I can't wait to try out a few Autumnal looks with these products.
What are your favourite Autumn transitional make-up shades?

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