Wednesday 6 August 2014

Lush Dark Angels Review + How I Use it as a Face Mask

Up until 6 months ago, I was terrified of Lush. Terrified of a shop you cry, well somehow I'd decided that the sickly smell and close customer service was a little too much for me. I'd heard a number of products being raved about by fellow bloggers, so I pinched my nose and ventured in. I picked up Dark Angels Cleanser, along with a few other bits. Keep reading for my in-depth review.

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser, £6.40 for 100g

Lush Dark Angels Review

Lush almost feels like Dexter's Laboratory (anyone remember that?!), in the fact they produce products with the most weird and wonderful textures, they almost seem like a lab experiment. The texture of Dark Angels is a solid, yet crumbly putty while in the tub but as soon as you add water it transforms into a paste. It's gritty but the more you work it between your hands, the smoother the texture becomes.

Lush Dark Angels Review

It's messy! Be prepared to have to wash the sink down after this, and you can't use white towels with the product (my mum wasn't best pleased).
I normally scoop a small amount out, as you need to work quick, Dark Angels has tendency to crumble, making a mess. Then I add a little water and work it between my hands.
Smearing is the only way this product can successfully sit on your skin, attractive I know.
I'm not sure on the idea of having to stick your fingers in and scoop the product out, it gets in your nails. The general application is incredibly messy.

Cleansing Properties
It isn't my favourite cleanser, I prefer something with a simple application like my La Roche Posay Effaclar wash. I normally Dark Angels this in the evenings, I have no time for the messy application in the mornings. I do think it has very good cleansing properties, my skin does feel cleaner and detoxified after use.

As a Mask
On Lush's website, this product is marketed as a cleansing product. I've used it both as a cleanser and a face mask. Charcoal masks are recommended as one of the best methods to combat oily, blemish prone skin, so I thought I'd transform mine into a DIY face mask. The same method of making a paste with water still applies, although I do apply it in thicker layers. When I've covered my face with the Dark Angels paste, I then leave it to dry out like a face mask would. I don't experience any tingling or soreness though doing this, so I'm sure it's perfectly good enough to use for this purpose. It leaves my skin soft, extra clean and refreshed. Toner and moisturiser follow as normal after a face mask. I'd recommend it as a face mask once a week.

Lush Dark Angels Review
You have to pull funny faces on Snapchat while you have a face mask on!

Final Thoughts
Lush products are sold on their gimmicks. I do think that this product works, but truthfully once I use this up, I won't be repurchasing. I've made this decision on the messy application. I'm too impatient to work for this product. Putting the messiness aside, I really like this as a mask and cleanser. Perhaps it's meant for the more patient beauty bloggers and lovers of Lush. I'd give it a 3/5.

Have you ever tried Dark Angels?

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