Monday 17 March 2014

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara Review

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

I'm a sucker for promises of longer, fuller lashes. So when this Maybelline mascara suggested it might give you 'big eyes' with longer and fuller lashes, I had to give it a go. 

Maybelline Big Eyes has two wands. The first side has a thicker brush with bushy bristles; this is for the upper lashes. The second side has a smaller, with more straighter bristles; this is for the lower lashes.

It's a lovely consistency, not too thick or thin, a perfect medium. It does provide beautifully long lashes and the little wand is so handy for getting into the little lashes in the corners of your eyes.

So far, it sounds like a good mascara right? Well the only catch with this one is it smudges. After a few hours wear I found I had formed panda eyes. I do have slightly oily lids, so I'd be interested to see if it smudges on anyone else, leave me a comment below.

It's just the smudging that lets this mascara down, so I'm going to keep the brushes as I like the smaller one for the lower lashes and dip that into my favourite mascaras.

Have you tried Maybelline's Big Eyes mascara?
Love Kat


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