Saturday 2 November 2013

Trip to Conwy Food Festival/Gwledd Conwy Feast

Luckily North Wales avoided most of the stormy weather that hit the UK last weekend. My family and I headed along the North West coast to the historic town of Conwy. It's two main attractions being the castle and the harbour, and the Conwy Food Festival, or Gwledd Conwy Feast, was located in between both of them.

Conwy Food Festival Gwledd Conwy Feast wristband

Conwy Food Festival Gwledd Conwy Feast Conwy Castle

We arrived and bought wristbands to gain access to the tents and cookery demonstrations. The focus was on local produce, this included fresh fruit and vegetables, good quality meat, (us Welshies are proud of our lamb and beef), and of course fresh fish as the town is located on the coast. Chefs demonstrated and created meals to crowds in the first set of tents, we stayed to see a talented chef created a fish stew and a lamb curry, it smelt delicious!

Conwy Food Festival Gwledd Conwy Feast

Conwy Food Festival Gwledd Conwy Feast Conwy Harbour

The harbour were another set of tents were stood was packed full of people enjoying the food and the views.
Farm yard animals in the produce tent made a perfect photo opportunity!

Stalls lined the tents, filled with delicious cheeses, beverages, meats and bakery goods. Of course, I went for the biggest cakes I could find and sampled all the cheeses I could!

Conwy Food Festival Gwledd Conwy Feast little round cake company

These beasts were from a stall called The Little Round Cake Company. The double chocolate had my name all over it!

I had a wonderful afternoon out with the family, enjoyed the food and adored the surrounding scenery that the festival was set up amongst.

Have you visited Wales?
Did you make it to the Conwy Food Festival?

Love Kat



  1. Aww those little piggies are so cute! The cakes look delicious - I would have gone for double chocolate too yum yum! x

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