Sunday 7 July 2013

Holiday Essentials featuring Soap and Glory, Veet, St Tropez, Max Factor and Garnier

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit - £29.99/£14.99
No bikini body is ready without a wax. It's painful but it has to be done. This kit from Veet is on offer at the moment for just £14.99, instead of nearly £30. The roll-on wax is meant to apply a thin even layer ready for you to apply the strips. Take a deep breath and pull the strip upwards, against the grain of the hair.

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub - £7.50
Exfoliation is the key to beautiful legs. We often forget to scrub away the nasty dead skin cells and dry patches before applying a tan whether it be an instant hint of colour or a gradual tan to build up slowly. Using this scrub from Soap and Glory will leave your skin a blank clean canvas to begin bronzing.

St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan - £9.59
The next step is moisturiser. Cut a step out and pick up this gradual tanner from St Tropez. This product builds up such a beautiful colour and it's super hydrating.

Max Factor 3 Day Mascara - £18.99
I'm a sucker for a gimmick, this mascara boasts three days lasting power. Almost like a tint, this product has a mascara wand at one end and a remover on the flip side. Perfect for lazy make up days in the sun.

Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream with High Sun Protection SPF 50 - £7.99
For those who aren't 100% happy with their skin, like myself, a little coverage while on holiday is a must. This BB cream by Garnier has SPF 50, which is fantastic. Using a high SPF can help prevent signs of ageing and also protect against skin cancer. Remember to cover your body in your favourite sun screen and avoid sun at the peak hours between 11pm and 3pm.

Where are you off on holiday this summer?
What are your summer essentials?
Love Kat


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  1. great essentials!
    but waxing seems painful.. even though it lasts longer! such a dilemma :)

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