Wednesday 12 June 2013

No7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner

No7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner

I'm a lover of liquid eyeliner, I feel naked without it. I've been mourning the loss of L'Oreal Carbon Gloss, my all time favourite liner, as it has been discontinued. While No7 had the £5 off vouchers, I decided to try the No7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner to see how it compared.

My first dislike with the product is the brush, the little bristles often splay out and you end up with eyeliner everywhere! It's quite a thick formula so this combined with a silly brush makes this really hard to get a nice neat line.

The packaging isn't that appealing either, the length of the wand is a little too long which makes it hard to lay down colour, you need concentration and a steady hand.

Deep black, not greyish like some other liners
Non irritating to the eye

The brush makes it difficult to use
Length of the wand makes it hard to use also
Doesn't dry that fast
Thick formula

I really don't recommend this liquid liner, even with the £5 off voucher. I think I'll try out 17's Wet Look Lacquer eyeliner next to see if that can live up to L'Oreal's Carbon Gloss.

Have you tried No7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner? What's your favourite liner?
Love Kat


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