Wednesday 3 April 2013

Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment

Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment

I've not seen many bloggers talk about the Uniq hair care range so I thought I'd share my thoughts on a product I tried out from them. Last time I was at the salon I was chatting away to my hair dresser about Moroccan and argan oil, pros and cons and she recommended trying out the Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment, she claimed it had more benefits than the usual hair oil. I was a little sceptical but I purchased it anyway, worth a shot!

This spray is to be used on damp hair before styling. It's a thick spray that has a conditioner like feel, which is why it's like a leave in conditioner. It claims to do a whopping 10 effects to your hair.

1. Repair for dry and damaged hair
2. Shine and frizz control
3. Heat protection
4. Silkiness and smoothness
5. Hair colour protection with UVA and UVB filters
6. Easier brushing and ironing
7. Detangling
8. Long-lasting hairstyle
9. Split ends prevention
10. Adds body

So which of these 10 miracle hair effects did I actually see? I do agree with the frizz control, detangling, ability to give silkiness and smoothness, also easier brushing and styling. I haven't really noticed it 'repairing' my hair, heat and colour protection, which is hard to tell anyway and I wouldn't say it adds body. 7 out of 10 is really good though, I don't think any hair care product is THAT amazing!

I would recommend this to girls like myself who have frizzy, dry, fly-away hair, but girls with greasy/oily hair stay clear. This leave in conditioner needs to be used with a light hand to prevent the hair looking greasy, so I suggest just 3-4 squirts not too close to the roots and then brush through.

This is normally only available in salons, but I did a quick Google search and sells it for £10.49, if you are interested.

Have you heard of Uniq One before?
Love Kat

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