Thursday 21 March 2013

Colour B4 Extra Strength Review

I'd had enough of my unnatural orange ginger hair, it was time for a change but also factors like finishing uni and getting a job made me want a more sensible hair colour.

Before I touched any brunette hair dyes, I purchased Colour B4, the extra strength version. I needed to strip the unnatural orange pigment in my hair otherwise this would shine through under the brunette shade I wanted to be.

I'd tweeted ,(@cherriesbeauty) about trying Colour B4 and got plenty of responses stating that it smelt horrible but worked like a dream. I was a little apprehensive but I decided to go for it, time for a change I thought!

Here is what my hair looked like in natural lighting, very orange!

Here are the results, sorry for the un-styled, unruly hair, it had just been washed.

I can give a very positive review for Colour B4 as it took the shade of my hair SO much lighter, it was almost blonde. I would suggest picking up a moisturising hair mask to tackle the dying out that it causes.

It is a long process as you have to leave the treatment on for an hour, then wash with the buffer provided twice but it's well worth it.

Lightens your hair a crazy amount
Not too pricey, compared to salon stripping treatments
Easy to get hold of
Good step by step instructions provided

Smells like eggs
Slightly drying to your hair
Takes around 2 hours to complete the process.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of any unwanted hair colour, be warned though you will need two hair dyes if you want to change to another colour.

Have you tried Colour B4? Did you have a good experience?
Love Kat



  1. Wow, this sounds so good! (: and it worked well! Thanks for showing (:

  2. Wow!!! What a huge difference.. that's pretty amazing xx

  3. I wanted to try this to get the red out of my hair but didn't feel brave enough so waited for it to grow out & it took ages! It worked really well for you! x

  4. I tried this and ended up with a streaky blonde. The smell was awful! Took a couple of washes to get rid of.
    Rose x


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