Sunday 17 February 2013

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW13 Comparison to NW15 & Revlon Colour Stay

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW13 Review

Having a milk bottle complexion is not easy I can tell you! I find most high street foundations make my face orange and don't match my neck, no matter how much I blend. Not even 'Ivory' shades are pale enough, Rimmel and Bourjois, I'm looking at you. I usually pick up MAC's Studio Fix in NW15 or NC15, both are a little too dark but I love the heavy coverage, so it's a compromise.

Lucky MAC has released a few lighter shades to the Studio Fix collection. It comes in NW 10 and NW13. I use NW13 when I have a little more colour and NW10 when I am paler.

MAC Studio Fix is one of my most repurchased pieces of my make-up collection. It's a heavy coverage, I love this finish as I like to cover my dark acne scaring and the formulation stays put all day.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW13 Comprasion to NW15 and Revlon Ivory

Here you can see the comparison between the lightest foundation I own, which is Revlon Colour Stay in Ivory, on the left, NW13 in the middle and the shade NC15 on the right.

NW13 is only a touch lighter but honestly it makes a difference.

What pale foundations do you like?
Any recommendations?
Love Kat


  1. Going to try this next time I go a mac counter. Did you are me review on Illamasqua skin base last week? That is super pale!!! Xx

  2. Great that you finally found ur perfect match foundation shade! :) xo

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. i'm using the loreal lumi foundation at the minute which is quite pale, and although i dind't like it to start with, its really growing on me.. :) X X X

  4. I feel your pain, I always find it difficult to find a shade that suits me, I'll be heading to a mac counter soon!
    I'm using a l'oreal true match one at the moment in one of the palest shades x

  5. Oh gosh - going to have to hot foot it to Mac and check this out, I use NW15 currently but it does verge on too dark if I don't spend a bit of time buffing it in properly!

  6. Can I ask you a question? Does this make you break out? I've tried so many and they all do.
    I went to a mac store and the NW15 was far too dark, it made me orange...I am thinking of going for NW13 which looks like the perfect shade for me but its out of stock everywhere :(
    Its really expensive and I hope it doesn't make my acne worse.

  7. I use the same one! I'm pretty sure its a bit too dark for me, but it works out in the summer and if i blend it in good enough! :)

  8. getting the right colour is so hard - i am now trying a BB cream to see if thats any better.

  9. I hear ya sister, I am not the fairest of complexions but I do have acne scarring and Rosatia on my face, as well as deep poc marks :( so I love a good coverage foundation, I was always a fan of the original forever by Dior but the formula has changed and it is no longer heavy, boo! Not a fan of Estée lauders double wear as it sets like clay on the skin and I smile a lot and I feel that it cracks when I do....probably exaggerating here! Have you tried bare minerals ready collection......honestly I don't think I will EVER go back to a liquid now :) x

  10. I swear by my Studio Fix in NW13. Why cant drugstore brands understand that there need to be more lighter shades for us pale skin girls!

  11. I've always used NC15, but it was always a shade too dark, so I'm sure NC13 might work. I do love Revlon ColorStay also, haven't found any other foundations that work as well as those too. I prefer the MAC one over Revlon, but my wallet prefers Revlon :)

  12. I got NW15 in prolongwear recently. Wish I'd known they now do paler. I'd definitely recommend getting some of the Body Shop shade adjusting drops. I've been using the white for a while now. Rimmel actually have a great pale foundation in their Match Perfection Range, Illamasqua skin base and Vichy Dermablend are also favourites of mine.

    M xxx

    The CSI Girls


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