Sunday 23 December 2012

Carrot Top: L'Oreal Feria in Paprika Power Review

I've never really done a hair blog post before, to be honest I don't use expensive shampoos and conditioner but I thought I'd do a quick review of my hair dye. I've had ginger hair for just under a year, it began with a ginger brown tint that was done at my local salon and then it got brighter and brighter until I became a carrot top! Flash photography make the colour so bright but it's actually more like the picture below in real life.

L'Oreal's Feria hair dye is my choice, the shade is called Paprika Power. It's has the usual two mixtures, the developer and dye, but you also get a capsule of oil which is meant to keep hair healthy and give shine. I just mix and shake then apply all over and leave for 25 minutes like instructed.
I love the vibrant colour it gives but man, my hair is dry after! It goes come with a medium sized hair conditioner in the box, which you can use two or three times, it does take the edge off the dryness.
I get mine from Boots for about £5 or £6.

Vibrant colour
Lasts ages without fading
Conditioner included
Good price

Does smell like chemicals, but most dyes do
Does dry hair

Would I recommend it?

What's your favourite hair dye?
Love Kat

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