Monday 12 November 2012

Eyelash Extensions Experience

Getting some eyelash extensions was very unplanned. I complimented a friend in uni about how fluttery her lashes looked and she told me about the Christmas Event our local salon was having that day. All treatments were 75% off, which meant these extensions only cost me £5 instead of £25, bargain!
I thought I'd give them a go and let you guys know how it went in case you are planning to get some this Christmas.

The treatment it's self only took 5 minutes. She just got me to remove all my eye make-up and lay down on the table. I picked the medium sized lashes for the middle and inner corner and the long ones at the ends to create a little flick or cat eye look. The beauty therapist instructed me to keep my eyes closed and not to open them at all during the application. She applied warm glue to the base of each extension 'clump' and dropped them as close as possible to my lash line. It ever so slightly stings because of the heat but its not unbearable. I kept my eyes closed for a few more minutes to let the glue set and then took a peek in the mirror. They actually looked so fluttery and lovely! I was told they could last up to a week with good care.

Straight after the treatment

The next day with eyeliner

Top tips for keeping them in good condition:
Don't apply mascara, the lashes go clumpy.
Use oil free make-up remover.
Be careful and gentle when removing eye make-up.
Never pull them out!

To remove them I just took a really hot shower and then careful slid the lashes off my own. I haven't noticed any of my own lashes being lost after the treatment. I would recommend this for anyone looking for fluttery lash for Christmas occasions, just take good care of them!

Love Kat



  1. WOWOWOWOW this is amazing, you look gorgeous! :)


  2. I really want this done! They look amazing!!! Xx

  3. Oh wow these look amazing, such a good price too! x

  4. Yours look so natural and thick! And the seam of the lashes looks so neat! I'd love to give this a go, def inspired! :)

  5. these look amazing,so tempted to give them a try! :)xxx


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