Monday 19 March 2012

Amazing Alex - Make-up Demonstration from Illamasqua's Alex Box

Alex Box is a well respected make-up artist who founded Illamasqua, a brand infamous for it's unique products, for encouraging creativity and 'make-up for your alter ego'.
I had the opportunity at my university to watch a make-up demonstration with Alex. It was so interesting to see her at work, building layers and she even changed direction from a pixie like look to a dark glowing face.
She began with a pink cream base, adding layers of white and pasting out the model's eyebrows. Dark ashy contour colours were added creating sinister shadows then highlighter was applied to add a ghost like glow. Alex then added a wig that looked like chimney sweep brush, strange I know, but the over all look was so amazing.

 Sorry for the bad quality images, Blackberry cameras are poo!

Alex also received an honorary award from Solent University last year, here is a video of inspirational words to students and her receiving her award.

She has such a creative and unique style of make-up that is unlike any other artist I have seen.
What are your opinions on Alex?
Love Kat

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